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Sheet Metal stamping technology is a widely used manufacturing process that ensures the highest quality and accuracy in the production of metal products. Recognized for its cost-effectiveness, productivity and reproducibility, this method finds application in several industrial fields. In metal stamping, sheet metal is formed into a specific shape by using specialized dies and presses while controlling the size and shape of the material. This approach has greatly facilitated the development of various industries such as automobiles, machinery, electronics and home appliances.

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What is Sheet Metal Stamping?

Stamping involves cutting and shaping metal using various techniques such as shearing, bending and stretching with the help of precision dies. This process can be very complex, especially when creating complex parts that require precision. In some cases, progressive stamping is used, which involves gradually cutting or shaping the metal at multiple stations until the final part is formed. This method helps save time and reduces the need for multiple operations.

OEM prototype metal stamping is the process of creating low-volume metal parts to evaluate design concepts, test functionality, and validate manufacturing processes prior to mass production.

Metal Stamping Advantages and Disadvantages

Sheet metal stamping is a cost-effective method of manufacturing metal parts that offers many advantages over other manufacturing processes. One of its main benefits is the lower cost of metal stamping dies. Additionally, the stamping machines used in this process are easily automated and can offer greater precision and faster turnaround times due to sophisticated computer control systems.

However, the initial cost of the presses used for stamping can be higher, and the production of custom stamping dies requires a longer pre-production process, which hinders the possibility of modifying the design during manufacturing.

How to Save the Cost of Metal Stamping?

If you want to save money on your sheet metal stamping process, there are three main factors to keep in mind.

● consider the material you are using and consider alternatives with similar properties.

● aim to manufacture as many parts as possible at one time to keep costs down.

● partner with a manufacturer who can provide additional services such as shipping, fabrication and finishing processes to simplify your production and lower your expenses.

By optimizing these elements, you can save money and increase your bottom line.

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Stainless Steel Metal Stamping Services: Sheet Metal Fabrication
Customized stainless steel stamping parts: sheet metal processing

How to Assemble Metal Stamping Parts?

To complete a product made from sheet metal parts, different assembly techniques can be effectively employed. To assemble metal stampings, welding and riveting are two options to consider.

● Riveting

In aerospace, sheet metal riveting is a useful method for building complex stamped metal components without inducing additional thermal deformation. Holes must be drilled in the metal parts to be joined before using rivets, which are holes in which bolts are inserted and then deformed to securely hold the parts.

● Welding 

If you want to join metal parts, using metal welding can be a good solution. The two options for welding are spot welding and arc welding. Precision welding is a quick and seamless process in which two sheets are held between electrodes and the contact areas are heated until the parts are fused together. Arc welding is the most common method and is known for forming strong, watertight joints, making it ideal for building tanks. Choose the welding process that best suits your project needs.


Sheet metal stamping is a manufacturing technique that does not change the overall size or shape of the material. It involves manipulating a straight sheet of metal using specialized equipment, specific dies, and punches until it forms a specific shape. The process does not involve heating the sheet, preventing its surface from deforming. Metal stamping is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly process.  Teamwork provides precision stamping solutions for sheet metal parts of varying complexity and size. With our professional metal stamping services, you design the part you need and we manufacture it for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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