Quality Control

In order to improve product or service quality, meet customer needs, reduce costs and improve efficiency, TEAMWORK has adopted a series of effective quality control measures.

✧ The First step:After we receive your drawing quotation, our production engineers review the data and production process requirements, and provide DFM if necessary.

✧ Step 2: TEAMWORK adopts a raw material control system, and conducts inspection and acceptance of all materials before they are put into storage to ensure that all materials we purchase fully meet customer specifications. If necessary, we also provide material certificates as proof.

✧ Step 3: During the production process, TEAMWORK uses the process flow chart to monitor and self-inspect all production links. We strictly follow these steps to ensure quality and to guarantee that parts produced by TEAMWORK meet your exact specifications.

Step 4: TEAMWORK also support providing OQC(FAI) Inspection Report before shipping if needed.

✧ Step 5: Safe packing, in order to ensure safe transportation and avoid damage to the goods. TEAMWROK will customize the packaging according to the different sizes of the goods. Prior to packaging, each part will be marked with an item number and purchase order number for customer identification.


✧ Step 6: Regarding the after-sales service, TEAMWORK will track the shipment process from shipment to receipt, and provide support until you receive the goods. If there is any quality problem with the product received, we will work closely with you to solve the problem and provide an 8D analysis report.

Why choose to cooperate with TEAMWORK to save time, money, labor and worry? The answer lies in strict quality control and a professional team.

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QC Team01 (2)
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