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Looking for help milling aluminum parts?  Teamwork understands the importance of factors such as time, budget and delivery. Drawing on our expertise in CNC aluminum machining, we develop unique production processes and custom engineering to meet customer requirements. By combining technology, skills, experience and knowledge, we strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

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Qualitied CNC Aluminum Machining with shorter delivery time

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Teamwork together to utilize mechanical production techniques for CNC prototyping and small series production, including milling of original models and post-processing of plastic and metal models through vacuum casting and CNC machining services. Our advanced CNC turn-mill machines and five-axis machining centers, combined with cutting-edge robotic systems, enhance our production capabilities and ensure efficient automation. By operating 24/7, we offer the flexibility to fabricate and machine metal parts quickly. Teamwork Factory can produce series and single parts as well as prototype models.

Anodized finishing for CNC machining aluminum

One way to achieve the desired finish on aluminum surfaces is by enclosing them in abrasive grains in a process called grit blasting. The technique is capable of creating a matte or textured look while eliminating any imperfections or roughness on the surface. Your specific requirements and preferences must be considered when selecting the ideal finish for your CNC machined aluminum parts. It is highly recommended that you consult Teamwork manufacturer or processor as they can provide invaluable guidance in determining the best finish for your needs.

Unlocking the True Potential of Aluminum CNC Parts with Anodized Finishing

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When manufacturing precision parts, aluminum is often the material of choice because of its light weight, durability and versatility. However, to truly maximize the potential of aluminum cnc fabrication service, finishing processes such as anodizing are required. Anodizing not only enhances the appearance, but also has numerous advantages that make it a preferred choice in various industries.

● Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: One of the most notable advantages of anodized aluminum CNC parts is its excellent corrosion resistance. Anodization acts as a protective barrier between the metal surface and external elements such as moisture, chemicals and UV rays. This greatly reduces the chance of corrosion and oxidation, ultimately extending the life of the part. Increased Durability and Abrasion Resistance: Anodizing increases the hardness of aluminum CNC parts, making them more durable and wear-resistant. The anodizing process essentially converts the metal surface into an oxide layer that significantly increases its hardness. This property is especially valuable in applications where parts are subjected to abrasive or harsh environments.

● Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: In addition to function, the visual appeal of aluminum CNC parts is also critical. Anodizing allows for a wide range of color options, giving manufacturers the opportunity to choose from a variety of shades and finishes that best suit their product design or branding requirements. The anodized coating can also be stained prior to sealing, providing a permanent color that will not fade or wear over time.

● Improved Adhesion and Paint Compatibility: Anodizing creates a porous surface on aluminum that enhances the adhesion of other coatings such as paint or powder coating. This makes it easier for subsequent layers to adhere firmly to the surface for a longer lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish. Additionally, anodizing provides a uniform textured surface, minimizing visual defects that can occur during CNC machining.

● Environmental friendly: Anodizing is considered a more environmentally friendly finishing process compared to alternative techniques. It does not involve the use of harmful chemicals or heavy metals, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. non-toxic and safe: For applications where food or skin contact is possible, such as in the medical or food processing industries.

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