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Welcome to our sheet metal laser cutting service! Our laser cutting technology provides a non-contact cutting method that ensures the material will not be deformed or damaged. With our technology, we offer a wide range of cutting services, providing cutting tolerances and edge quality for any application. Our capabilities range from complex cutting services for designs with multiple holes and complex shapes, to larger parts with less detail. We guarantee quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making us ideal for both large and small batch production. Contact us today for a first-class laser cutting experience.

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History of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

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The first attempts to cut metal with lasers involved the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers. These early laser machines were relatively slow and limited in their ability to cut thicker sheets of metal. However, as technology continues to develop, the output power of lasers has increased, as has the ability to precisely control the beam.

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In the 1980s, solid-state lasers were developed that used crystalline materials instead of gases. These lasers produce higher output power and are more efficient than CO2 lasers. By the 1990s, fiber lasers were developed. These lasers use fiber optic cables to deliver the laser beam to the cutting head, making the system more efficient.

Today, modern sheet metal laser cutting machines are computer controlled to provide precision cuts with minimal thermal distortion. They are capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, and brass; and can cut a variety of thicknesses, from thin to thick plate.

Alternatives to Laser Cutting

1.Water jet cutting

2. Plasma cutting

3. Shearing

4. Punching

5. Abrasive cutting

Metal Laser Cutting Materials List

1.CO2 Lasers - These are the most common type of lasers used in sheet metal cutting, capable of cutting a wide range of materials from thin to thick plates.

2. Fiber lasers – they are becoming more and more popular in metal cutting due to their high power and high efficiency, which can lead to faster cutting speed and higher cutting quality.

3. Nd:YAG Lasers - These are used to cut thicker metals and are often used in industrial settings where high precision is required.

4. Excimer Lasers – These are specialized gas lasers used to cut ultra-thin metals and other materials that are difficult to cut with other types of lasers.

The choice of laser will depend on the specific requirements of the sheet metal cutting application, such as the thickness and type of metal being cut, the required cutting speed and accuracy, and the available budget for the equipment.

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