Plastic and metal components of medical equipment, appearance prototype

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Product features: smooth surface, anti-ultraviolet, anti-fingerprint, no burr, bright appearance, exquisite workmanship, color can be customized according to your needs. High-precision processing, mold-free, cost-saving, fast delivery, support for incoming samples and small batch customization.

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1)OEM ODM manufacturing service 2)Confidentiality agreement

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Our company can not only produce the following products, but also can produce prototypes for electronic products, automotive parts, industrial machinery, household appliances, and other products. All products can be customized for OEM/ODM. All products have passed ISO9001 certification, with surprisingly competitive prices. Welcome to inquire.


What are the functions of a medical device prototype ?

The medical device prototype model is the first step in verifying the feasibility of medical device products. It is the most direct and effective method to discover the design defects of medical devices and products, and can be improved until the defects of individual prototypes are found. Often, only a small number of trial runs reveals that batch processing is not enough to improve the product. The design of medical device prototypes cannot be perfect. Once a defect is found, it may not be directly used in small-scale medical production, wasting time, manpower, and material resources. By only producing a small number of medical device samples, the production cycle is short, the consumption of manpower and material resources is small, and the shortcomings in product design and production can be quickly found, which provides sufficient support for improving the mass production of medical device prototype products.

Medical precision machining involves the production of complex components for medical equipment with high-precision specifications, ensuring accuracy and quality for critical applications in the medical field. Experienced professionals utilize advanced technology to complete this professional process. CNC medical parts are precision engineered components for medical devices that ensure reliability, safety and performance in healthcare applications. CNC machining parts are vital in medical equipment, ensuring precise and reliable performance. From surgical instruments to imaging equipment, CNC components play a key role in healthcare technology.

The main processing methods of medical device prototype

CNC processing:

CNC machine tools are used to control CNC machine tools for cutting, engraving and other processing. It has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, and good repeatability. It is often used to make complex-shaped and high-precision machining parts.

3D printing

By superimposing and printing the CAD 3D model layer by layer, an accurate model can be produced. The advantages of 3D printing are short production cycle, no need for cutting and other processing techniques, and support for multiple material choices, etc., but its disadvantage is that the accuracy is relatively low, and the prototype model made on medical equipment with high precision requirements may not be suitable.

If you need custom rapid prototyping techniques, such as auto part prototypehome appliance digital prototypes, we also can meet your requirements. Pls no hesitact to contact us today to get immediate quote for your projects!


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