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Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a highly efficient method of industrial 3D printing that can build functional metal prototypes and production parts in as little as a week. The process supports the use of a variety of metals, enabling the creation of final parts for a variety of applications.

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3D Printing with Metal

Metal is a highly sought-after 3D printing machining material because of its versatility and durability. It is commonly used in additive manufacturing, providing fast print speeds and producing aesthetic results suitable for high-quality jewelry and industrial applications. In 3D printed form, the metal exists as fine dust. In addition to gold, titanium, and stainless steel, there are many other metals that can be used for 3D printing prototype, each with specific uses in various industries.

Methods to enhance metal 3D prints after production

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First, the DMLS machine uses a laser to sinter each layer on a bed of metal powder, starting with the support structure and then the part itself. After each layer of micro-welding, the build platform moves down and the recoating blade deposits the next layer of powder. This process continues until the build is complete. Loose powder is manually removed and parts are subjected to a heat treatment cycle to relieve stress. Then, the support structure is removed, and the part is sandblasted and deburred. The final DMLS part is almost 100% dense.

Metal 3D Printing Processes

The metal 3D printing industry is experiencing significant growth and advancements, especially in the automotive, maritime, medical, aerospace and space sectors. This progress has led to the development of more R&D and production-grade solutions. While this proliferation of technologies is a positive for global manufacturers, it's worth noting that not all metal 3D printing processes are created equal. The effectiveness of each process depends on the method of feeding the material into the printer and how the material is incorporated into a 3D shape. Currently, there are various popular industrial solutions available, ranked by popularity.

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