Case Sharing: Teamwork Factory Successfully Delivers Innovative Capsule Prototype

Teamwork Prototype Factory is proud to announce the successful completion of a unique medical device prototype  for a valued client. This exciting project showcases our expertise in low-volume CNC machining, transparent part machiningand the integration of 3D printed components.

Meeting the Challenge with Transparency

The client's vision centered on a medical device capsule that offered complete transparency for improved functionality and user experience. Teamwork Prototype Factory rose to the challenge by utilizing a fully transparent acrylic material for the capsule itself. This material was meticulously machined using  low-volume CNC  techniques, ensuring precise dimensions and a flawless finish. The transparency of the acrylic allows for clear visibility within the capsule, a crucial element for the device's intended purpose.


Branding and Finishing Touches

To enhance the capsule's visual appeal and brand identity, the customer's logo was expertly screen-printed onto the surface. This technique provides a durable and professional appearance while maintaining the part's transparency.

Contrasting Elegance with ABS Plastics

For the base panel of the capsule, our team opted for ABS plastic partsThis robust material provides the necessary structural integrity for the device while remaining lightweight and user-friendly. To further elevate the aesthetic, the ABS base panel was finished with a pristine white gloss paint, creating a sophisticated and visually appealing contrast with the transparent capsule.

Seamless Integration Through 3D Printing

The prototype also incorporates strategically placed 3D printed component, seamlessly integrated into the overall design. This demonstrates Teamwork Prototype Factory's ability to combine multiple prototyping techniques for optimal results. While the specific details of the 3D printed elements remain confidential, they serve to enhance the functionality and user experience of the medical device.

Collaborative Approach Yields Success

Teamwork Prototype Factory's collaborative approach was instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. We worked closely with the client, meticulously interpreting their vision and translating it into a tangible prototype. Open communication and continuous feedback loops allowed us to refine the design and ensure its adherence to the client's specifications.

Ready for Assembly


The completed prototype is now ready for assembly. The package includes six transparent screws, enabling the client to easily assemble the capsule and base panel before further testing and evaluation.

This project exemplifies Teamwork Prototype Factory's commitment to pushing boundaries in medical device prototyping. We are thrilled to have partnered with our valued client on this innovative project and look forward to collaborating with them on bringing their vision to life.

About Teamwork Prototype Factory

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● injection molding

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