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The main objective in spare parts management is to find the right equilibrium between the cost of producing spare parts, the lead time, and the necessary stock volume. 3D printing is an advanced technology that aids manufacturers and suppliers in achieving this goal.

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Can 3D printing help solve problems in the spare parts industry?

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SLS 3D printing is used for product prototyping, creating end-use parts, and manufacturing complex geometries using strong, heat-resistant materials such as nylon and thermoplastic elastomers. The economic advantage of 3D printing lies in its significantly lower fixed production costs compared to traditional manufacturing processes such as injection molding and vacuum forming. Due to the highly automated nature of 3D printing, no expensive tooling or high setup costs are required. As a result, businesses can benefit from cost savings, especially when producing small batches of parts.  3D printing offers a cost-effective solution with greater flexibility and customization options, making it an attractive option for efficient manufacturing.

Should spare parts be outsourced or produced in-house using 3D printing?

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As additive manufacturing systems become more popular among manufacturers, the decision to establish an in-house additive manufacturing spare parts facility should be carefully considered. Factors such as volume, budget and implementation timeline are critical. For small batches, companies may choose to outsource to a 3D printing facility. Ultimately, the choice between outsourcing and in-house production depends on how well a company wants to integrate additive manufacturing in its workflow.

Enhancing the adaptability of the supply chain

3D printing of spare parts is revolutionizing the business landscape for manufacturers and suppliers. By printing spare parts instead of storing them in inventory, companies can save costs, increase spare parts availability, and reduce dependence on supply chains through localized production. However, to take full advantage of the benefits of 3D printing for spare parts, companies need to employ the right strategies and tools, such as digital inventory. This enables a smoother transition to new business models and creates opportunities for dynamic, demand-responsive supply chains. By adopting these approaches, companies can unlock the full potential of 3D printing for spare parts and capitalize on its transformative potential.

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