Sign NDA

TEAMWORK ensures the confidentiality and safety of customer drawings and protect corporate interests and intellectual property rights, TEAMWORK requires all employees to receive training before taking up their jobs. During work, computer equipment must be set to offline mode to cooperate with our production process and ensure company information security. A confidentiality agreement will be signed before receiving the customer's drawings. Nondisclosure agreements are often an important part of business transactions, as they protect your business interests and avoid unnecessary financial losses.


Visualize the production process

TEAMWORK will develop a production plan and send it back to you when needed. In the production process, a work order system will be used to control each production process step, and the timetable for each task of each team will be very clear. All quality or customer requirements for each production stage will be reflected in the work order. The production process will monitor the progress in time and provide you with progress updates. High-quality photos will be provided for your reference before shipment, and shipment will be arranged after receiving your confirmation. This ensures that the production process is visible and transparent to all parties involved.