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We are a home appliance prototyping factory that meets high industrial standards. Our product range includes various types of home appliance prototypes, such as kitchen appliance prototypes, fan prototypes, microwave oven prototypes, oven prototypes, etc.

Our features

1)OEM ODM manufacturing service 2)Confidentiality agreement

3)100% quality ensurance 4)lead time as fast as 3 day

5)Instant quote in 2 hours 6)worry free aftersales service

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Our company can not only produce the following prototype, but also complete sets of appearance prototypes for small home appliance electronic products, automotive parts, industrial machinery, household appliances, and other products. All products can be customized for OEM/ODM. All products have passed ISO9001 certification, with surprisingly competitive prices. Welcome to inquire.


Prototyping Processes

Prototype processing is a method of quickly manufacturing product prototypes. The main purpose is to quickly verify the correctness of product design, test product performance and other related factors, so as to guide process adjustment and design optimization before mass production. Hand plate processing is usually processed by CNC processing equipment, which can be precisely processed according to CAD design drawings. Common prototype processing materials include ABS, PC, PP, PVC, PMMA and other engineering plastics and aluminum alloy and other metal materials. Prototype processing can produce fine and accurate product prototypes, which can visually display the designer's ideas, and facilitate the testing and verification of product performance and structure.

Our Advantages

TEAMWORK has rich experience in the prototype industry of home appliance. We provide the best solution for your rapid prototyping and small batch production. Our services are ideal for your appliance prototype and low-volume production needs. We can build a prototype in 3 days, from production to assembly. We can reduce tight tolerances down to 0.01mm to meet special requirements. With more than 20 years of accumulation, TEAMWORK has cooperated with many consumer electronics and home appliance companies at home and abroad, and successfully entered the market quickly.

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