High Precision Aluminum CNC Machining Components Prototyping

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The use of precision machined aluminum parts has been steadily increasing across various industries. Aluminum is a versatile metal known for its softness, light weight and durability. It is also highly malleable and easy to handle, making it an ideal material for machining. Aluminum has impressive mechanical properties and excellent thermal properties, is easily accessible and has excellent maintainability. In recent years, precision machining of aluminum parts has become increasingly popular in fields such as aerospace, military, medical and industrial engineering.

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Advantages of Aluminum Processing

Aluminum CNC fabrication involves using computer-controlled machines to create precise and complex metal parts for a variety of industrial applications. Aluminum rapid prototyping uses advanced manufacturing techniques to produce rapid, functional prototypes to effectively test and refine product designs.

Why Choose Aluminum Machining Parts? Teamwork Manufacturing recognizes that machining parts from aluminum offers numerous advantages over other materials. A significant advantage of aluminum is its cost-effectiveness, making it the most economical choice for machining materials. Aluminum CNC machining and milling can be done in less time than other metals. Another major benefit of machined aluminum parts is their increased strength and resistance to corrosion and rust. When exposed to the atmosphere, aluminum forms a protective layer that increases the durability of the final product. In addition, aluminum parts are chemically resistant, electrically conductive, ductile, and high-strength. These reasons, among other things, drive Cox Manufacturing to become a leading supplier of aluminum CNC machined parts. By leveraging the unique benefits of aluminum, Teamwork Manufacturing is dedicated to meeting the needs of companies looking for high-quality machining solutions.

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Aluminum alloy grades and specifications

● -6061 aluminum alloy The type of aluminum is commonly used in a variety of applications including aircraft wings, fuselages, automotive components, electronic hardware, yacht construction and general applications. It has excellent formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. This alloy is particularly prevalent in the production of bar stock components.

● -2024 aluminum alloy This grade of aluminum is with copper as the main component is widely used in industries requiring excellent strength to weight ratio and fatigue resistance. It is primarily used in aircraft manufacturing, where it plays a key role in components such as wing and fuselage structures and electrical hardware.

High Precision Aluminum CNC Machining Components Prototyping

● 7075 aluminum alloy Engineered for exceptional strength and is commonly used in aircraft components. Although it is not suitable for welding and exhibits lower corrosion resistance than other alloys, it has commendable fatigue strength.

Machined Aluminum Applications

Aluminum components are used in numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, machinery and consumer electronics. Their versatility and beneficial properties make them a great choice for a variety of applications in these fields.

● The use of lightweight materials in automotive components ensures a robust and durable design without adding excessive weight.

 Aerospace components (including housings, brackets, etc.) require high load capacity and low weight for optimal performance.

● Various uses in consumer electronics and computer electronics, including enclosures, panels, consoles, knobs, and enclosure options.

● Industrial equipment parts, such as fixtures and calipers, serve different needs.

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