1. What service does your prototype factory provide?

We use mature technology to provide customized services and have more than 50 machines to meet customers' needs.

2. What industries do you serve?

We serve customers in industries such as automobiles, intelligent robots, medical equipment, and high-end home appliances.

3. In which countries is your main business carried out?

Our main business develops in many countries, especially in America, Europe and other developing countries.

4. What is your terms of payment?

Production term – 50% deposit, the balance will pay before shipment.

5. How about the delivery time for sample or production?

The fastest delivery time is 2-5 days.

6.What quality control measures are in place to ensure the precision and accuracy of prototypes?

1.Regular calibration of equipment and tools used in the manufacturing process
2.Inspection and testing of materials and components before assembly
3.In-process quality checks during various stages of production
4.Use of precision measurement tools and techniques to verify dimensions and tolerances
5.Final inspection and testing of the completed prototype against design specifications, provide OQC(FAI) inspection Report.
6.Documentation of quality control processes and records for traceability and analysis

7.Provide your prototype with after-sales service guarantee.

From shipment to receiptWe have a professional foreign trade manager responsible for tracking the goods until you receive them. After one week of receiving the goods, we will follow up on your feedback on using the samples. If there are quality issues, we will promptly handle them, provide reasonable measures, and provide an 8D analysis report. Customer first is our mission