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Proudly introduce our product – nylon material CNC processing plastic prototype! Ideal for any engineering or design project, this prototype is designed to meet the highest standards of precision and durability. Designed with precision in mind, our CNC machining process ensured that every detail of this prototype was crafted with care. Made from high-quality nylon material, the prototype offers a unique combination of strength and flexibility, making it ideal for a variety of applications and use cases. Whether you are an engineer, designer, or just a hobbyist, this nylon material CNC machined plastic prototype is an essential addition to your tool kit. It’s built to take on the toughest challenges, and its durability ensures it’ll last for years.

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The Machining Processes For ABS Parts

CNC machining plastic processing involves the precise shaping and cutting of plastic materials using computer-controlled machines to produce high-quality products

ABS is an ideal engineering plastic material when it comes to CNC machining manufacturing.

At Teamwork, we can take more than 10 machining processes to create different ABS plastic parts.

Among them, CNC turning and CNC milling are the two most common methods.

● Sawing

● Drilling

● Threading

● Reaming

● Polishing

● Cutting

● Welding

● Stamping

Popular Rapid Prototyping Materials

● ABS: Great for general purpose plastic prototyping with a smooth finish.

● PC (Polycarbonate): Strong & robust prototypes in clear or translucent finish.

● PP (PolyPropylene): Good for flexible, clips and snap featured prototypes.

● Acrylic (Pmma): Good for clear fully transparent prototypes like glass.

● Nylon(PA): Excellent abrasion resistance, good for Gears, Bearings.

● Acetal (Delrin): Excellent durability, Self-lubricant, water-resistant.

● PU Rubber: Good for small quantity of Rubber like flexible parts.

Teamwork prototype factory can produce rapid prototype products, and all products can be customized by OEM/ODM. The products have passed ISO 9001 and other certifications, ensuring direct sales from the manufacturer and the highest cost-effectiveness across the whole network.

If you need further rapid prototyping service, such as sheet metal manufacturing, 3d printing parts, injection molded plastic parts,  we also can meet your requirements. Pls no hesitact to contact us today to get immediate quote for your projects!

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