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Precision Sheet Metal Components, Manufacture of Sheet Metal Components, Industrial & Metal Fabrication, CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication, Control Panel Fabrications , Charging Station Panels ,Cabinets and Industrial Electrical box etc. Produce according to customer’s 3d drawings.

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1)OEM ODM manufacturing service 2)Confidentiality agreement

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What is sheet metal fabrication

Rapid sheet metal prototyping involves quickly creating and testing sheet metal parts to aid product development and innovation.

Sheet metal processing refers to the production of metal products of various shapes and structures through cutting, bending, forming and other processing processes on metal sheets. These metal products are generally used in the manufacture of accessories or components of electronic equipment, communication equipment, automobiles, aerospace vehicles, furniture, buildings and other products. Sheet metal processing usually requires the use of various mechanical equipment, tools and techniques, such as shearing machines, bending machines, punching machines, CNC cutting machines, etc. Sheet metal processing is an important manufacturing process widely used in many industries.

Cold-rolled sheet: It is low-carbon steel with a smooth surface and no defects. It is often used in the manufacture of household appliances, car casings, shelves and other products.

Stainless steel plate: strong corrosion resistance, smooth surface, often used in the manufacture of food processing equipment, medical equipment and other products.

Galvanized sheet: The galvanized layer can enhance the corrosion resistance of the steel sheet, and is often used in the manufacture of roofs, pipes and other products.

Aluminum plate: low density, high strength, good corrosion resistance, commonly used in the manufacture of lightweight products such as aircraft and automobiles.

If you need further rapid prototyping techniques, such as CNC machining prototype, 3d printing metal plastic, we also can meet your requirements. Pls no hesitact to contact us today to get immediate quote for your projects!

Some Sheet Metal Components Made In Our Factory

Custom Zinked Steel Sheet metal Components (1)
Custom Zinked Steel Sheet metal Components (2)
Custom Zinked Steel Sheet metal Components (3)
Custom Zinked Steel Sheet metal Components (4)

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