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The metal of choice in various industries including aerospace is aluminum because of its light weight. It is strong, malleable and versatile, easy to machine to specific dimensions. When you work with our team, you can expect high-precision parts manufactured with the help of our expert team and advanced machinery.

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What is precision CNC machining?

Precision machining manufacturing is the process of producing high-precision, complex parts using cutting-edge technology and processes. This method involves removing material from the workpiece to obtain precise specifications and tolerances. Precision machining utilizes advanced computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to optimize the production of complex parts. The process is used in various industries including aerospace, automotive, medical and electronics to manufacture parts with tight tolerances and exceptional quality. By using specialized tools, equipment and expertise, precision machining ensures the production of high-quality, reliable and consistent parts for a variety of applications.

Modern CNC systems come in a variety of combined configurations, with some systems integrating all tools into one unit, while others consist of separate units interconnected by external controllers. Regardless of their composition, however, all systems provide automation for the design and manufacture of machined parts.

CAD software defines the physical boundaries of a product, while CAM software translates these dimensions into manufacturing instructions. These commands are then loaded into the CNC machine by using post-processing software. With this technology, CNC machining offers high precision and accuracy, making it an ideal solution for various industries including automotive, aerospace and medical devices. With the right CNC system, consistent quality is guaranteed, allowing us to produce perfect parts every time.

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What is surface finishing?

Achieving a perfect finish is key in CNC machining, and the final stage involves surface finishing. This process is very helpful in improving the aesthetics and performance of the part, as you can eliminate distortion and enhance the durability and conductivity of the material.

● Common types of machining CNC surface treatment

A variety of surface treatments are used in CNC machining to enhance the appearance, durability and performance of metal parts. Learn about popular methods and how to choose the one that best suits your specific needs.

● Bead Blasting: For aesthetic purposes, bead blasting creates a matte textured finish on the part.

● Anodizing Type II (clear or color): Aluminum parts can be anodized to form a corrosion-resistant ceramic layer that can be stained.

● Powder coating: Powder coating provides a tough, rust-resistant finish to parts and can be applied to any metal.

Precision CNC machining applications

Due to its superior versatility and cost-effectiveness, precision manufacturing has gained a considerable market share in the manufacturing industry. It incorporates high-precision machine tooling technologies that have been used in a range of applications in diverse fields such as the automotive, aerospace and medical device industries. The use of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software in the production process ensures high precision and consistency, making precision manufacturing a valuable technique in modern manufacturing.

● Medical, Dental, and Orthopedic

Precision CAD machining is essential in the medical field, which is constantly in need of new equipment due to rapid technological advancements. This method is used to produce a wide range of devices including implants, orthopedics, safety trays, imaging machines, research equipment and more. Its accuracy and high precision make it an indispensable technology in the manufacture of medical devices.

● Automotive industry

Automakers need to create prototypes before introducing new products to the production line. Precision CNC machining can produce and design prototypes to precise specifications. The technology enables manufacturers to evaluate the feasibility of new components and adjust designs to achieve optimal performance while reducing the risk and expense of errors in the final product.

● Aerospace and Aircraft

The aircraft industry relies on highly accurate equipment, and even small mistakes can cause major losses.  CNC precision machining is a technique used by aerospace manufacturers to produce complex components such as wings and air conditioning systems. This process ensures parts are manufactured to precise specifications, reducing the risk of errors or complications during assembly or flight operations.

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