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ABS is a widely used thermoplastic because of its excellent mechanical properties, excellent impact resistance and ease of processing. It also has good heat resistance, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

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ABS Plastic Material& CNC Machining ABS Parts

Due to its excellent mechanical properties and cost-effectiveness, CNC machining plastic in ABS has become the method of choice for cutting custom shapes, especially for low-volume production, prototypes, and jigs and fixtures. Inexpensive and tough, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) has become a widely used thermoplastic in various industries.

This versatile material can be used in a variety of consumer products and is widely used in automotive manufacturing. Its strength, stiffness and shock-absorbing properties make it a reliable and practical choice for many applications.

Benefits of CNC Machining ABS Plastic Parts

CNC plastic parts refer to components made by computer numerical control processing of plastic materials. The process enables precise and complex plastic molding for a variety of applications.

High-quality CNC manufacturing ensures precision, accuracy and consistency in the production of complex parts. It can bring reliable products, reduce waste, increase efficiency and save overall costs to various industries.

● Convenience

Favorable price and easy to get

● Durable
Strong resistance strength and shock absorbance

● Excellent machinability

Plastics come in a variety of shapes and simple processing techniques, making them suitable for efficient mass production tailored to specific needs.

● Stable Corrosion Resistance

Plastics are resistant to acidic and alkaline substances.

● Wide Range of Applications

This material is widely used in the automotive, marine and aerospace industries.

Wide Application of CNC Machined ABS Plastic Parts

● Daily Applications

Widely popular in the automotive, marine and aerospace sectors, the material is used in a variety of components including instrument panels, seat belts, door handles, pillar trim and seat backs.

● Electrical and electronic applications

It is commonly used in electronic products such as casings and household appliances such as control panels and refrigerator liners.

Cost-saving Design Tips

ABS is an affordable and processable plastic with excellent mechanical properties. To keep costs down, engineers can produce pre-injection molded prototypes. However, molds are expensive, so it is advisable to make a prototype in ABS before investing time and money in expensive models. This process ensures that the resulting parts are strong and function as expected.

CNC machined black ABS parts: custom plastic prototype
Black ABS Plastic Prototype: Custom CNC Machined Parts
Custom Black ABS CNC Machined Parts: Premium Prototype
Custom Black ABS CNC Machined Parts: Precision Prototype

Teamwork prototype factory can produce the custom prototype products, and all products can be customized by OEM/ODM. The products have passed ISO 9001 and other certifications, ensuring direct sales from the manufacturer and the highest cost-effectiveness across the whole network.

If you need further rapid prototyping techniques, such as sheet metal components, 3d printing metal plastic, we also can meet your requirements. Pls no hesitact to contact us today to get immediate quote for your projects!

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