Custom automotive sheet metal/metal prototype parts

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TEAMWORK can provide high-quality automotive sheet metal parts manufacturing services, including material selection, CNC processing, bending, welding, and painting processes, to ensure the quality and precision of automotive sheet metal prototypes that meet the requirements.

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1)OEM ODM manufacturing service 2)Confidentiality agreement

3)100% quality ensurance 4)lead time as fast as 3 day

5)Instant quote in 2 hours 6)worry free aftersales service

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Our company can not only produce the following products, but also provides rapid prototyping services for electronic products, medical device parts, industrial machinery, household appliances and other industries components. All products can be OEM/ODM customized with an accuracy of up to ±0.02mm. All products have passed ISO9001 certification, with surprisingly competitive prices. Welcome to inquire.


Processing Methods


Automobile sheet metal processing methods usually include the following


use a laser cutting machine or a shearing machine to cut the metal sheet into the required part size.



use equipment such as bending machines to bend and form metal sheets, and perform bending processing according to the shape and requirements of the required parts.



use equipment such as a punch press or a laser punching machine for hole punching to punch out the required holes and shapes.



Use gas welding, electric welding, laser welding and other technologies to weld and connect sheet metal parts to achieve overall structure and strength.


Surface treatment

including spraying, chrome plating, anodizing and other surface treatment methods to improve the appearance and corrosion resistance of sheet metal parts.

In the automotive industry, we have rich production experience and are long-term partners of BYD, AMPLE, and Foton.

If you need custom rapid prototyping techniques, such as medical device prototypes, home appliance digital prototypes, we also can meet your requirements. Pls no hesitact to contact us today to get immediate quote for your projects!

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