Company Profile


Company Profile

Guangdong Shunde Teamwork Model Co., Ltd. is a professional and technical service enterprise that integrates design, prototype and small batch production, spray painting, and mold injection. Established in 2011, the company has been focusing on industrial design and prototype modeling for 12 years. It is one of the biggest professional prototyping and low volume production companies in China.  attracting a large number of domestic and foreign customers with high quality and high efficiency.



Processing Machines

Our Equipment

We are equipped with a number of high-tech equipment, including precision CNC machining centers, engraving machines, sandblasting machines, SLA laser rapid prototyping machines, vacuum molding machines, hydraulic presses, shearing machines, bending machines, etc., as well as a dust-free spray paint workshop.

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Our organization includes business department, safety management department, engineering department, CNC machining department, handwork department, sheet metal department, printing and coating department, and other departments, with strong strength and dozens of exquisite technicians.


Our team provides first-class services to various industries such as automobiles, electrical appliances, sports equipment, medical equipment, toys, and is committed to providing high-quality and exquisite model prototype for our customers.

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Company Advantage

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Corporate Culture

Good corporate culture, employees in good condition,can better server customers.

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Large Processing Machines

With 60 large processing machines, the processing speed is fast, and the delivery can be made within 3-5 days.

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Passed the environmental management protection system certification.

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Product Advantages

The processing speed is fast, the cost is low, and the high processing accuracy of 0.01mm can be achieved.

A variety of materials are available to ensure the consistency of prototype materials and mass-produced materials.

The prototype has a strong sense of reality, and the surface quality can reach a very high level. After polishing, sandblasting, painting, silk screen printing, UV, electroplating and other subsequent processing, the production effect is comparable to or even higher than that of products produced by molds.