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The use of precision machined aluminum parts has been steadily increasing across various industries. Aluminum is a versatile metal known for its softness, light weight and durability. It is also highly malleable and easy to handle, making it an ideal material for machining. Aluminum has impressive mechanical properties and excellent thermal properties, is easily accessible and has excellent maintainability. In recent years, precision machining of aluminum parts has become increasingly popular in fields such as aerospace, military, medical and industrial engineering.

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About Aluminum Material

6061 Aluminum belongs to the 6xxx series, which is a mixture of magnesium and silicon as the main alloying elements. This unique blend has excellent heat handling capabilities and makes it suitable for different processes. In addition, its high ductility allows it to be easily formed and easily welded to 6061 alloy.
6063aluminum superior properties, including heat treatability, weldability, corrosion resistance and ease of forming. These qualities make it ideal for extrusion processes, where it can be easily pushed through a die to form a variety of fixed cross-sectional shapes. With its versatility, 6063 aluminum alloy stands out as the material of choice for precise and customizable designs in extrusion applications.
Aluminum 1060 99% aluminum and 0.6% copper. Its high aluminum content and low copper content contribute to its excellent ductility and corrosion resistance. An excellent choice for applications requiring protection from harsh elements or extreme temperatures.
Aluminum1050 impressive mechanical properties, with an ultimate tensile strength of 155MPa (22,500psi) and a yield strength of 135MPa (19,600psi). Its excellent elongation of 30% further demonstrates its ability to withstand deformation without breaking.
CNC Machining Aluminum Sandblasting Customized Spare Parts Rapid Prototype (1)
Precision CNC machined aluminum preparation parts: rapid prototyping
Customized aluminum preparation parts: CNC machining and sandblasting

Sandblasting finishes for CNC machining

CNC Machining Aluminum Sandblasting Customized Spare Parts Rapid Prototype (2)

OEM CNC parts are custom designed parts manufactured using computer numerical control technology. These high-precision parts are used in various industries because of their accuracy, repeatability and high-quality production.

One way to achieve the desired finish on aluminum surfaces is by enclosing them in abrasive grains in a process called grit blasting. The technique is capable of creating a matte or textured look while eliminating any imperfections or roughness on the surface. Your specific requirements and preferences must be considered when selecting the ideal finish for your CNC machined aluminum prototypes. It is highly recommended that you consult Teamwork manufacturer or processor as they can provide invaluable guidance in determining the best finish for your needs.

Revealing the Advantages of Sandblasting CNC Aluminum Parts Finishing

CNC Machining Aluminum Sandblasting Customized Spare Parts Rapid Prototype (3)

In the world of CNC manufacturing, aluminum is the first choice because of its outstanding properties. To further enhance the functional and aesthetic properties of aluminum CNC parts, a sandblasting finish is often employed. The process utilizes high-pressure air and abrasive materials to create a smooth and visually appealing surface. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the benefits of choosing blasting for CNC aluminum parts.

● Improve surface quality: Grit blasting is very effective for removing surface defects and contaminants from CNC aluminum parts. Grit blasting effectively removes burrs, sharp edges and other irregularities by blasting fine abrasive particles onto a surface at high velocity, resulting in a smooth, uniform finish. This ensures optimum functionality during assembly and compatibility with other parts or assemblies.

● Enhanced adhesion: The blasting process creates a textured surface on aluminum parts that enhances the adhesion of subsequent coatings such as paint, powder coating or adhesives. This is especially useful when CNC aluminum parts require additional protection or a decorative finish. Enhanced adhesion ensures a strong bond between coating and part for longer lasting, longer-lasting results.

● Versatile finishing options: Sandblasting offers a wide range of finish options in terms of texture and appearance. By varying the size and type of abrasive used, manufacturers can achieve desired effects such as matte, satin or glossy surfaces. Additionally, sandblasting can create a pattern or texture on the surface, adding a unique aesthetic to CNC aluminum parts and providing opportunities for personalization or branding.

● Effective cleaning and deburring: In addition to its finishing function, sandblasting is an effective cleaning method for CNC aluminum parts. It effectively removes dirt, grease, rust and scale from surfaces, leaving clean pristine parts ready for the next stage of manufacturing.

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